grey thumb

i've had a few requests for garden updates so took my camera into my green zone today for some documentation.
most people would assume not much, if anything, would grow up here in the cold, wet north.
they could not be more wrong.

 chives i let bloom for a little colour

 arugula - definitely doing the best to date, minus the slug bites (you're welcome slugs...oh, and i hate you)

 rainbow chard

 the 'wild' patch.
i was lucky enough to inherit raised beds from the previous tenant. although mainly grown over by some pretty intense weeds when i arrived, i did find what looked like strawberries. really did not think these would do well but...
happy dance!

 the peas and runner beans are loving this garden. tomorrow...i build a trellis.

 this patch is all me. dug up some of the useless grass and turned it into a squash patch...butternut, pattypan, zucchini and with some more beans and peas at the back.

not too shabby.
by far my favourite place in my new home. will update periodically.
next challenge... winter gardening


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