Jan 3

It's been sunny in Vancouver for almost a week...except for a foggy, freezing morning today when the birds walked on water and I froze my fingers off.


  1. I love the quietness of these photos. So peaceful. What time did you take them? 5am!?!

  2. Love this kind of foggy overcast day shot -- especially because the grays can reveal such interesting textures. While I like all the shots (they raise plenty of questions for me) -- I definitely like the third one from the top down best. That one pulls me right in.



  3. Thanks Gail and Nacho! I'm glad I headed out early before all the crowds (and sun) showed up.

  4. Hey Melissa,

    I like these...especially the third one down that Nacho was pulled into. Did you use a tripod or just your steady hands?

  5. Hey Cam!
    No tripod and certainly no steady hands. There was a perfectly positioned post to help me out.

  6. Ahhh....way to use the surrounding environment to your advantage.

    Nice shots Melissa!

    Keep it up!


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