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My top five picks of the day...

Shane Oosterhoff - Photographer -
Kyu Hwang - Visual Artist - (best website name ever)
Steven Pollock - Woodstone Design -
Sean Karemaker - Astronaut Journalist -
Andriy Mishchenko - Photographer -

And on the way...

I feel I need to explain this last picture a bit... we were walking up Dunlevy by Oppenheimer Park and the clouds suddenly shifted (see pic above) making for the most amazing light. I started taking pictures when this man in a motorized wheelchair came by me proclaiming how beautiful it all was! I agreed and said, "Everything is beautiful!!!" (or some such cheesy comment...i was in the moment people).
His response: "What about me??"
"You too!" I replied.
"Well why don't you take pictures of me then??"
"OK then!"

His name...Gordie Howie. I kid you not. We had a long chat and he mentioned how people back home were asking about him and how he didn't have any pictures to show them how he was doing. So he actually wanted me to print a few and send them to him. I gladly agreed.

This guy is pure gold. And he is why, every time I walk through the downtown eastside, while yes, it can be harsh, i am always amazed by the people. Misunderstood, but always pure gold.


  1. The last portrait is by far my favorite--so moving!

  2. The story behind this last photo is incredible. I think you've really captured him. Bravo Mel!

  3. total agreement.
    - steve


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