Part III - Electric Boogaloo

OK, bare with me. The title has nothing to do with anything except that I think it is one of my favourite sequel titles. If anyone can guess it, I'll buy you a cupcake.

Moving right as I said in Part II, climbing one mountain wasn't enough for us. As we sat at the base of the Tusk, we decided, hey, you know what? Let's go over there (see red arrow below)!! It's only about 600m down and then another 600m and 6km up. No biggie.
Newly inspired, with a full stomach of trail mix and blisters only a faint, distant possibility, we headed off.

Just to give you an idea of scale, I've identified Janice in this shot...hi Janice!
Oh and as we looked back while climbing to Panorama Ridge we caught amazing views of where we just were. Let me make this explicitly clear. Red arrow (yes, i like me some red arrows) = best. lunch. spot. ever.
And of course, the money shot. The view from Panorama Ridge. Surreal how beautiful it was.
Once we reached the top, there were 2 possible ways down. The first being how we got up. And the second demonstrated here by a hilarious and awesome group of Japanese tourists...i.e., on your arse with a high likelihood of bum chaffing.
Considering we were wearing shorts and I wasn't particularly interested in cold snow action in my nether regions (shocking i know), we decided on the former.

And when we finally got back to camp, we had just enough time to soak our decrepit, newly deformed feet in the glacial waters before the rain started to fall. Thank you weather gods. But before the rains really started to kick in...a rainbow. Could not have planned it out better myself. 


  1. WOW!
    ps. Movie is called "Breakin'". You owe me one cupcake, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Nice one Gail. But if you had to Google it, the cupcake will be of the day old variety.

  3. We were there that same day, we probably met you on the trail (you were probably the little dots we could see on the Tusk)! We saw that same rainbow too.

  4. Fine. I can eat a stale cupcake.


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