Part II - The Tusk Strikes Back

This post is all about the hike up to Black Tusk. There's not much I can say so I will try to let the pictures speak for themselves...
Mom, I swear, it wasn't that bad...really.

So, this is the base of the summit. The red arrow is pointing at the reason why I did not want to continue. It is the scree trail you had to take to get to the summit of Black Tusk. To the left of it, was probably ~30 degree angle and to the right, let's just say a substantial drop off. We could have done it. For sure. But I was perfectly happy to sit at the base, eating my M&Ms, enjoying the views and NOT potentially dying. That being said, I'm totally doing it next year.

After about 8km and 800m up to the Tusk, we had originally planned to head back to camp and call it a day. But with the amazing weather we decided to go for it and head over to Panorama Ridge... stay tuned for Part III tomorrow.


  1. So freakin' awesome Mel. The sky and water so blue. You guys lucked out with the weather.

  2. so beautiful thanks for taking me with you

  3. I'm so glad to share it! It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back!


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