Mt Strachan

Holiday monday 4 of us headed to Mt Strachan. It has been a glorious July in Vancouver which means, no rain and a high fire hazard. At the entrance of the the trail we encountered a sign warning us of the hazard and telling us to be careful with our matches, cigarettes, firecrackers, mission impossible-like exploding devices etc.

But then about 10m from that sign we encountered joke.Whoa??? If anyone knows what these are do tell. We saw 3 in total all near the entrance to the Baden Powell trail from the Cypress Alpine parking lot.
Keeping in mind the hazards, we ventured on...
Have to say, I really loved this hike. We took the Baden Powell up and Howe Crest Trail back down. There was enough diversity to keep us on our toes and of course, lots of great photo ops. But probably the most intriguing part of the trail is that we were about to encounter a real life plane crash site! Yes, a tad morbid that we were super excited about this, but come cool!

The hiking book said we would encounter a plaque on a tree and might have to venture off trail a tad to find the crash site. But as we headed up, I very abruptly came across this...

It was a little disturbing to say the least. Even though we knew it was coming, I was a little ahead and almost tripped right over a piece of fuselage. I was creeped out...but then proceeded to take pictures of course.
The plaque gave us a glimpse into the story of which I found more info online. "On November 23, 1963 a Royal Canadian Navy T-33 Jet aircraft on a naval training flight with two crew members on board, crashed into Mt Strachan. The two crew members were killed."

Even more interesting:

"The accident occurred one day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and shared the headlines for several days as information on Lee Harvey Oswald’s participation was uncovered. It was the height of the Cold War at this point in history, and Canadian armed forces pilots were training aggressively to be ready for any challenges resulting from the escalating political tension."

We took a moment, then headed up the steep side of Mt Strachan to the summit. Which was...covered in cloud.
As per usual the Lions teased us with their presence, but we were patient and finally got a glimpse.
And of course, what goes up, must come down, i.e., us. A little roughly and not that delicately, but down nonetheless.
I wish these pictures properly portrayed just how steep and dodgy this portion of the hike was (although, also unbelievably beautiful). Did I mention this part is called Christmas Gully? Not sure why cause the only present I got were thighs screaming bloody murder the next day. I did take the lord's name in vain a few times...maybe that's what they mean.

Regardless, it was a great day, great company and a new favourite local hike.


  1. Thanks for the trip! Looks like you had a nice hike! / Anders

  2. its bootiful. next time i wanna come


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