Black Tusk -Part I

We had been looking forward to this long weekend for months. And all week, I checked the weather forecast like an addict searching for a fix. And if I didn't like one forecast, I searched until I found something more pleasing. Well, I tried anyway. Up until we left, the forecast was for rain, so we mentally prepared and just went for it. One thing you learn from living in Vancouver is you never cancel plans based on the weather forecast. So away we went...
Last minute packing, re-packing, ditching, adding... in the parking lot. Janice brilliantly saved about 4 ounces of weight by not bringing her bikini. Smart woman.

The first leg of the trip was the hike with all our camping gear up to Garibaldi Lake. About 9km and 800m elevation.
First view of the amazing glacier-fed turquoise waters.
And a few hours later, the final few steps to our camp ground.
We decided to take it easy in the afternoon and relax by the water, enjoy the view and hope for the best, weather-wise, the next day. (next picture taken by Linda Yauk).
I think I stared at this view for a good hour. About  a million times more fun and interesting than TV. Kinda like watching the log burning station during the holidays. I'm not the only one who watches that right???

And of course, the fancy footwear came out. Now you foot fetishers out there...control yourselves. I'm not gonna lie. It's hot.
Before we knew it, it was dinner time (ok, kind of a geriatric dinner time, but dinner time nonetheless). What was on the menu this fine friday night? Chinese!! Food that is...
You may or may not be impressed by the looks of this dinner depending on how well versed you are with dehydrated meals. But let me tell you, these were both very tasty and scored consistent 3/4 stars by all diners. I was particularly impressed with the crunchy water chesnuts in the Mountain House meal while Linda and Janice were digging the pineapple chunks in the Alpine Aire selection. Either way, it was yums and we were satisfied. As you can tell...
So much so that we weren't even really distracted by the caddish meal names or the fact that Alpine Aire spelt Air with an "e".

After our early meal, we headed to bed. The earliest bedtime i've had in years and i'm kinda embarrassed to say...ok it was 8.30pm. There.

Stay tuned for Parts II and III...