Wannabe Boyfriend

There are very few people I would venture to Pitt Meadows for. Ben is one (ok Harp, you too).  For a not-even-2-year-old, he's pretty much got me wrapped around his grimy little finger. But, like most males, first you have to get through a few barriers...

Thought he was just mesmerized by his orange zipper, but really, he was just shy and uncertain of my love.

But soon enough he was inviting me over for drinks! I brought my own sippy cup but thanks Ben!

Seriously, the ears...i need to eat....

OK OK jeez, i won't eat the ears. Just don't banish me from the swingset!!

No Ben, I did not eat the last rice chip. I swear.

Pretty sure it was you there crumble face.

This kid...he can work the smize. Sigh. Love him.


  1. Such a cute blog!! Loved it...Ben is truly a special young boy :) Mini Masi

  2. where is my comment :(

  3. Awwwww, Ben is so adorable!!!


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