Small is Beautiful

My sister Tanya and her husband Temmuz had people over on saturday to their homestead "Small is Beautiful" in the Southlands of Vancouver. To say their place is a cosmopolitan haven is an understatement. Nestled in the backyard of a larger house, they're home spans the entire yard, filled with fruit trees and an extensive garden. The entire day was filled with nature at it's best.

It also provided the perfect setting for a little bromance bonding over the sweet snap peas...

Not to mention a little insect bondage... (notice how size clearly does not matter here, you go boy!)

In addition to courtship displays, we were also witness to the divide often observed between the sexes. This instance pertained to two differing approaches taken to protect the > 6' tall guests from impaling their noggins on the sharp corners of an open window.

The female solution....

And the male solution....

Nuff said.
But really it was all about the foodgasm. And there were many... thanks to the bbq-ing skills of one Temmuz.

And the culinary and hosting skills of la Tanya.

Really, it could not have been a more enjoyable afternoon. And tonight, I go back to pick blueberries from their 3 blueberry trees. Yes, i said trees!!


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