Low tide

Amidst all the World Cup activity, I took a break and headed to the beach for some doggie and tidal flat action. But first, we had to dodge the Porsche convention going on in the Spanish Banks parking lot at 9am...wtf?

OK, to the flats!

Love this shot...normally, this is all water but at that moment it felt like we could walk right across the bay.

This is about 1km from the shore. A beach on the beach! Very surreal.

Gunner, love him, but he is a bit of a douchebag when it comes to fetching. He let's his aunt Piper do all the work, then comes in from behind and grabs it from her, triumphant. Every. Time.

Gunner is unruly, small for his age, and has a crooked nose. But he is also willing to sit, bum-deep in water to have his portrait taken and that is good enough for me. I Gunner.


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