It's raining today. Which shouldn't be surprising, I mean it is Vancouver. But it's also June and the last time I checked a 30% chance of showers did not equate torrential downpours. Did I mention I wore my chucks? Which clearly leak. Ya, not happy. But let's move on...

So we headed to Steveston today, an active fishing port in the southern end of Richmond that has, over the years, developed a heritage "character" and waterfront to attract tourists. It can be a bit kitsch but we were hoping for some spot prawns (none!) and some good photo ops. What we weren't expecting was the rain, but I think I mentioned that already so I'll digress.

We did find a few really awesome spots. The first was The Romania Country Bread bakery. When was the last time you went to a store that only sold one thing in one variety? Right. Well this place has no variety of baked goods; it sells bread, one type of bread, and nothing else. Thick, hearty and tasty whole wheat bread. It was awesome and I'm kicking myself for not buying a few loaves.
Did I mention they are baked in a brick oven in the old school Romanian style? Ya, awesome.

The second hit we made was a store that sold everything from Tintin paraphernalia to gourmet teas. Now I have a bit of a tea problem... I can't stop buying them. I love tea. Especially the really funky flavours. At this moment, I have about 8 boxes in my cupboard and was ready for more. But I was good, boring but good, and walked away without purchase. Although I spent a good 15 min smelling them like an addicted freak.

Another surprising find was a restaurant called Gudrun, run by a local Stevestonian. A closer look revealed a really cool, clean, looking space focused on fresh, local artisanal suppliers of cheese, veg, wine, art etc. Definitely a place I would love to bring visitors to. There was also a communal table outside that was built around a tree. Gail cleverly pondered "I wonder how that tree must feel being surrounded by a fallen comrade". I love Gail.

All in all a nice day although it would have been nicer in the sun, with some spot prawns, dry feet and free hand (occupied by an umbrella) to take even more pics.


  1. Wow, the photos make Steveston look quite pleasant and not so grey and rainy. PS. still trying to get the taste of bad beef jerky out of my mouth. Bleck.


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