Part II - Lessons learned

I learned a few things today and in the past few months. Let's tackle them one by one...

1. Body Glide: 
Body Glide is your friend. And if it isn't yet, it really needs to be. This is an essential part of a runner's kit. People, please do not underestimate it's utility. Yes, applying it all over your naughty bits at 5am feels wrong (although if more than one person is involved it could turn into a good time - just saying). But by doing so perhaps we can banish the parade of bloody nipples at the finish line once and for all. Good lord, no one needs to see that.

2.  Pride:  (this pic has nothing to do with anything except the fact that I thought I deserved a little eye candy and Simao is my fav - did I mention his last name is Sabrosa? You're telling me.)

I have inherited many things from my father, most of them good. But one thing, that can play against me, is pride. I had a decent time today (1:46:25) but I'm not happy with it. I was aiming for at least a sub-1:45 and was actually training towards a 1:40 (although I realized soon into it that it was highly unlikely). Was this a Personal Best? Yes, but only by about 30seconds. What I'm trying to say is I am my own worst enemy when it comes to competition. I REALLY don't like failing and can be a little hard on myself.  So all this to say that the Victoria or North Shore Half in October are now in my sight...Did I mention I was stubborn? Another inherited quality.

3. Brain Fog:
I felt decent for most of the race but was pushing hard to make up time at the end. By the time I crossed the finished line I was totally spent. I grabbed some liquids and fruit and started looking for people. Until I realized I wasn't looking for people, I was walking around in circles like a complete zombie. I wondered if anyone had studied this before...they should wire runners up post-marathon to see what kind of brain activity they....

...what? oh. hunh?

4. Running Geek: 
In the past few months I've noticed a new geeky obsession brewing within. Copies of Runner's World (LOVE this magazine!) started appearing on my coffee table, I found myself downloading running movies (Run for your Life, all the Prefontaine movies, Spirit of the Marathon) and reading running blogs and books at a great frequency. I tried to fight the urge to tell my running mates (or random strangers) about hilarious parts in the movies or factoids about the NYC marathon but couldn't. I just find it hard to imagine people NOT thinking this is fascinating stuff! Kinda like when I told friends how excited I was to watch the Scripps Spelling Bee, but that's another story. 

5. Bacon:  (Sorry no pictures I ate it too fast).

Uh... YUM! So freakin' GOOD! Why don't i eat it more often? Oh ya, the muffin-top, right.

So on that note I leave you my friends, as I must rest, re-hydrate and focus on 2 things...


  1. Love this blog Mel! Very clever!

  2. well, it's nailS plural and uh, no. Trying to maintain some level of decorum here.


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