Secret Supper Club

I attended my first secret supper club last night (shhhhh). Not sure how secret it's meant to be but I kinda want to keep this one under wraps for fear that a stampede of Vancouver foodies turns this lovely evening into a trendy nightmare. Having said that, I am also well aware of the viewership of my blog so I am not too worried.

Before I get started I need to give props to the masters behind the whole evening:
Swallow Tail Supper Club - Chef Robin - 
Lūdzu - Master Spirit-maker

Amuse bouch: BC pear/apple puff pastry tart - steeped in amontillado sherry, peppercorns, lemon rind, vanilla bean with BC Farmhouse Cheeseshop - Gruyere (sorry no pic...too busy eating)

Salad: warm leek salad with radish, handpicked licorice fern, BC hazelnuts roasted, Farmhouse goat cheese 
Cocktail Pairing: Juniper Star - Juniper shine (gin), home made anise bitters, campari.

Appetizer: BBQ Ahi tuna in smoked paprika and Portuguese olive oil,on tabbouleh (bulgar wheat, parsley, mint, tomato,green onion) with baba ganoush (roasted eggplant, yogurt, garlic)
Cocktail Pairing:  Old Fashioned Pirate - Pirate shine (rum), home made orange bitters, angostura bitters, sugar muddled on an orange rind garnished with a backyard blue bell
(in the making...this was my favourite one so I downed it too fast to take a pic, my bad)

Main Course: Venison & juniper berry meatball with sweet apples, BC huckleberries, shallots, blackstrap molasses sauce. parsnip mash with buttered rhubbarb, stinging nettles steamed in butter and BC Chardonnay(cedar creek), red beet paint seated in a butter lettuce cup
Cocktail Pairing: Rhubarb Mojito - Juniper shine, Mount Pleasant mint syrup, backyard rhubarb bitters, homemade lime bitters, lime juice, soda

Needless to say, we were well fed and properly boozed. We ended the night at Casa de Gelato trying out about 10 gelatos (including black sesame and sour sap) before committing to a cone of mango with candied ginger and dark chocolate. Once again, eating took precedence over pics so you'll have to use your imagination.

Now I get to top off this amazing weekend with a hockey game. Perfect. Canucks...don't make me cry.

Update: thank you lord.


  1. I am just trying to decide what to eat in Yellowknife... last night I had Pizza Hut.

    I cried a little bit reading this blog post. I'm happy you were too busy eating to take photographs of every course.. if you had, I predict I would have started blubbering and become incoherent.. not good when my closest option is Tim Hortons to-go.. good enunciation is key at those order microphone thingies..

  2. Now I feel bad for making you cry. But just think...soon enough we will be enjoying a nice bevy and watching the people go by Gassy Jack!


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