One of our exercises at Bamfield was to put together a trailer. It could be on anything. Had more to do with the process. So our group decided to go for a horror movie genre set in the forest of the West Coast Trail.

I probably had the most fun doing this project (although they were all fun) mainly because it had nothing to do with science so we could just go for it.

And just remember, this was conceived, shot and edited (including music) in less than a day.

Directed and Produced by: Max Jones, Danika Kleiber, Marjorie Sorensen, Melissa Evanson
Principal Cameraman/Cinematographer - Max Jones
Actors (although I use this term loosely) - Danika Kleiber, Marjorie Sorensen, Melissa Evanson
Video and Sound Editing - Melissa Evanson


  1. OMG this totally rocks! congratulations Art-Maker

  2. How awesome is that!!! Bravo Mel.


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