Doggie Daycare

Yesterday's photo op...Piper and Gunner Wada. Two Nova Scotia duck tollers that desperately longed for a run on the beach as was evidenced by the continuous wailing in the car from my place all the way to Spanish Banks.

So without further ado let me introduce to you...

and Gunner! (omg i love Gunner - crooked nose! sigh)

And they're off!

I have to say, walking the Wada dogs is one of my favourite things. If I could hang out at dog beaches sans dog and not seem weird or creepy I totally would. But picture it...said female sitting on log laughing with perma-grin throwing sticks for other people's's just wrong.


  1. Those dogs are ridiculous. They need some serious Dog Whisperer action.
    Ps. Gunner whacked me in the eye with his head today. I think I'm getting a black eye...

  2. PPS. It's Piper's birthday today. Happy 9th Birthday! Lookin' good.

  3. 2 perfect bed pillows to cuddle with :-)
    How adorable ! Love them, with crooket nose and all.

  4. Happy birthday Piper! And can I just say that I love that they are kind of out of control when it comes to water activities. Shouldn't all dogs be??


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