Bamfield - Part I

It is end of Day 4 and I skipped out on the doc screening tonight because, well, I'm freakin exhausted. I never thought this workshop would be so intense or demanding. And while it's really amazing, 12h days using the other hemisphere of my brain for at least 11.5 of those hours is certainly challenging.

Lectures start at 8.30AM every morning and go to 10.30AM at which point we head to the lab for a brief demo of the days topic (building blocks of a scene, elements of storytelling, creative camerawork, shooting and light etc). Then we are off in our teams to shoot our short doc (usually 1-2 min) for the day. Somewhere in there we try to scarf down some lunch. Next, we head to the lab for editing and processing followed by a viewing of our projects by 4PM. Break from 5-7PM for dinner and doc screening and discussion from 7-9PM. Sleep. Repeat.

I think the hardest part is not really having much time to just decompress from the day. Privacy is also at a premium (8 people, 1 cabin, 2 bathrooms, 4 rooms) and the only alone time I manage is sneaking in a run at 7AM.

So Meli is tired. And it's only Day 4. But i'll get through it. Sunday, we have a day off so we are heading to hike some of the West Coast Trail...or maybe just pass out on Pachena Beach and let the sun have its way with me.

In the meantime... a few pics.


p.s. why didn't I buy a Mac!?!!??!