La Belle Ville

Let me start off by saying, I know I know...I was in Montreal and this is all I took?? Indeed. All my time was taken up with family and friends and to be honest, picture-taking can be a big distraction for me so for the most part I left the camera at home. Sometimes you just have focus on spending time with people. But you didn't miss all that much. Montreal is an amazing city, but not the most photogenic in mid-March.

So just a few shots around where my folks live...

yes, it's a dude surfing the river...

Went to Jean Talon market which is one of my favourites. Not much going on in the winter but these wild mushrooms...oh my.


  1. It look better then in reality.
    Good photographer...

  2. love it. montreal has a climate that lends itself well to artistic urban clarity. thanks for reminding.


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