We are T minus 6 days. So I decided to do a little walkabout around town this morning to see where things were at. I certainly noticed lots of those big Olympics passes officials, atheletes and families get and I also saw a group of uh, well, shall we say fit men running down Robson. Yay! Athletes!!!

Here are a few highlights:

Michael Lin - A Modest Veil (outside the Vancouver Art Gallery). 
An enormous hand-painted mural that covers the gallery’s Georgia Street fa├žade. Love anything that brings art outside.
  This flag has been up for awhile and I must admit, I kinda like it. There's something about the Canadian flag that represents us well...clean lines, a bit kitsch but with a good heart. Even this huge, it's still,somehow, unassuming.

And now a word from our sponsors...
Fistpump!! Clearly Cheerios has less money...this one is a tad ghetto non? Poor guy.
Dude, you're going to the Olympics, your picture is on the busiest street corner of Vancouver. Would it kill you to smile?!!? Maybe he's trying to make curling look badass...not working.

Now back to the arts...corner Granville and Georgia.
Zhan Wang - Artificial Rock 

This is part of the Lunar Fest on Granville Street bringing contemporary Asian art to the streets. I think more interesting at night because of the lantern effects but some were still kinda cool. 

The new Woodward building is finally open for business although there is still some minor construction going on. I saw Robert LePage's Blue Dragon in french here at the new experimental theatre, part of the SFU Contempary Arts campus. The building is multipurpose with residential and social housing, business, school etc. I really hope Vancouver continues supporting these kinds of integrative ventures, because if it does, it could turn into a truly groundbreaking city.

  Stan Douglas - Abbott and Cordova
I love Stan Douglas. Really love. And that he is local and contributing to our landscape on this scale is amazing. This is a huge mural (9 x 15m) at the new Woodward's building. It is a staged photograph depicting the 1971 riots that occured in the same area. Amazingness. Totally in love with it.

Lastly, this is the containR. Recycled shipping containers are reconfigured to house free screenings of Canadian and international dance, sport and performance films that celebrate physicality in art and sport. Can't wait to check this out.

Opening ceremonies are in 6 days...next weekend will be crazy. Stay tuned.


  1. Great to have a correspondant in Vancouver to go around town for us that cant be there.
    Would love a night photo of the Asian Art Lunar Fest on Granville

  2. I was there at night a few days ago and it was pretty amazing. Will be bringing my camera around with me from now on... Hopefully tuesday night on my way home from dinner i'll get some!


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