Heine House

Last thursday a bunch of us ventured to the Dutch Heineken House in Richmond to watch the hockey game and soak in the Olympic spirit. Eight ventured out, 4 made it in but only 3 returned.

Let me just say, the Olympics is all about lining up. I heard that to get into last night's 9.30pm free show at LiveCity Yaletown you had to be in line at 11am. People started lining up at 5.30am today to do a free 10 second zipline across Robson (update: people are waiting 7+ hours!!). There was a 1hour line up to get an unobstructed view of the flame. Should I go on? I think you get the picture. So lining up for the Heineken House (which is purportedly one of the best 'party' houses at the Games) was my one attempt. I'm just too old and impatient to do more. We waited one hour. Not bad at all.

First thing you notice when you get in...everything is orange. I had no idea this was the national Dutch colour seeing as their flag has zero orange in it. But after a quick Google search I learnt that orange refers to the Dutch royal family and was in the original flag. Stored for next Trivial Pursuit challenge.  

Some people went all out. I want these. Not sure why, I just do.

Here it is. Heineken House. Large room, 3 giant screens, beer, food. All the makings for a good time. Also, just to note, I assumed it would be crazy packed in here. It may look that way but it really wasn't. We barely had to wait for food and beer. Props to the Dutch for not packing us in like cattle. And speaking of food and beer...


Now, I didn't really eat anything but I wanted to take note of the menu. And more specifically the translation. I love that the key ingredients were not translated. Unox anyone? Kroket??  I couldn't find anyone who was actually eating these things. Although I guess I wouldn't really know what to look for.

And of course, there are the crazy Dutch. These guys were quite hilarious so I asked to take their picture. They agreed but on one condition...I had to do an impersonation of my favourite Looney Toons character (who has a favourite Looney Toon???) or sing the first line to a "beautiful song". Being a good sport. I did the latter. And they rewarded me with some hilarious shots. This is my favourite. Those two on the left got into position quite quickly...not that there's anything wrong with that. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer staying behind the lens. But this was a unique opportunity to get 5 guys to "smize". And they even knew what I was talking about. Tyra's influence knows no boundaries.

And to cap off the evening...Dutch fashion. And yes, we actually did buy these. Too many Heineken and the Dutch spirit will warp your fashion sense like nothing else. 


  1. One hour...
    Lucky you and lucky us for this tour.
    The crazy Dutch made for great fashion shots with good looking Dr. Mel.
    The hat...
    Love it.


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