The thing about the rebound is you don’t have to wait years to realize something just isn’t right. You momentarily get caught up in the novelty but shortly thereafter the reality kicks in. The rebound has no chance.

I brought home my rebound laptop last week (see RIP Sweet Inspiron entry from last month). It was purchased in slight desperation about 3 days post mortem. I needed a lifeline and I needed it now. When I started it up for the first time I felt a distinct flush of excitement. But soon after, I was at a loss. All those extra buttons were, well, just too much for me. Unnecessary bells and whistles like your date driving up in a sports car. Kinda cringe-worthy because you know it is just compensating for some basic inadequacy. I soon realized that inadequacy was communication. There was none. Or rather it was unidirectional. It could speak to me, but I could not speak to it. Nothing I said was received or transmitted. Integrated mic = busted.

Now this may not be a huge deal to some, but I use this feature a lot. And having friends and family resorting to lip reading was just plain wrong. I tried different settings, re-loading etc but still nothing. So I decided to snoop online. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem…

Why didn’t anyone tell me this rebound had major communication issues!!?!? Ugh. At 1 week into the relationship I had no intention of spending time and energy “working” on this problem. Return to sender. B-bye.

So I am solo once again. My internet cable dangles lifelessly from my table, waiting for input. But this time I will take my time and research features properly. I have my eye on a few models but won’t rush. I want this to be a lasting relationship, built on a solid foundation of high RAM and decent processing speed. Because I’m worth it.