Vancouver 18/10

Stanley Park
Winter is approaching and I am excited. Don't get me wrong, I love the summer, but I also love the fall and spring and I welcome winter. It means you do different things, eat different foods, and work on things other than your tan. But it also means the outdoors transform into something new. Snow begins to coat the mountain tops and walking/running around the seawall becomes something of a novelty again because it metamorphoses into a different world... fewer people to bump into, rain jacket required, moody, brooding. I love it.

Lion's Gate Bridge

I run past here often and every time wish I had a camera. Today i ventured specifically for this shot. 

On my way home, hands freezing I spotted this heron and screeched to a stop praying it wouldn't fly away while I changed lenses. I see these guys all the time but every time, they are so cool. 


  1. Suberb photos Melissa !
    And lucky you that the Heron stand still just for you.
    Looking forward to more. :)


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