RIP Sweet Inspiron

My laptop died on saturday and for the past several days I have been trying to qualify the emotion I felt when the once vibrant screen turned to black, a lone flashing cursor in the left hand corner. Today, I figured it out. It was akin to being dumped.

The scene went something like this…

Years had gone by and there were definite problems (wasn't ‘performing’ as it should, lazy, didn’t try to impress me anymore with suave moves but rather klunked along like it was doing me a favour). But saturday was a normal day and I even had it doing 4 things at once! See, I had accepted that the honeymoon was over and we had settled nicely into the humdrum of a 5+ year relationship.

This is why the abrupt death/dump took me by surprise. And for the first several hours I was in deep denial...

"I'm sure a reboot will work!"
"Maybe it just needs a little time and space..."
"I know, I’ll get some advice from customer support/friends. Surely they will have a quick fix."
"Perhaps if I rearrange a few components it will revive itself."

But nothing worked. I stared at the same blank screen. The same sorry cursor. It was gone. Neither tears nor profanity would bring it back. So after many hours of trying, I finally let go.

I can't be upset really. It gave me some prime years and we went through a lot together. A bad breakup (with a human being), a phd dissertation, countless trips across the world and endless communication with friends, family and, of course, the bevy of potential mates from online dating sites. We had some laughs and we also had our disagreements. But at the end of it all, I have no regrets and I am ready to move on.

In just a few short hours, I pick up my new laptop. It is prettier, sleaker, faster and might I even say, damn hot. Plus it's got all these extra buttons...

I eagerly anticipate a wonderful honeymoon.


  1. My God Melissa ! This is sooo good. You are such a good story teller. I see a book in you.
    This made me smile again and again. And the visual is also perfect. All in all it is a winner.


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