So it's my grandmother's birthday tomorrow. Yvette will be turning 90, but her spirit isn't a day over 30. There are two great stories that we all love to tell about her. The first is how she keeps a stash of red cinnamon fish candies in her purse for when she gets an itch in her throat that often leads to coughing and trouble talking. It is the only thing that helps the problem and she told her Dr so. None of his meds worked. So he made a note in her files... "prends des p'tits bonbon rouge pour sa tousse". It is officially a remedy. Now i know why i love hot tamales (the candy not the mexican dish)... it's genetic and preventative medicine.

The second story is how she cannot be 'tied down' again. She was married to my grandfather, Willie Deshaies, for many years until his death over 15 years ago. On a recent visit we were out on her little balcony and she pointed out the apartment of a gentleman across the way. Well, this gentleman was apparently a 'beau' and had suggested they get married. But, he mentioned how he had dinner with his kids and grandkids every sunday night and so he expected her to come along. Well, needless to say, GM Yvette had no intention of being tied down to a schedule, any schedule. As she puts it, quite often, "je suis SAUVAGE!" which she attributes to her First Nation's background. But please understand, when she says this, it is with vigor and acceptance. It just is how she is.

This picture was taken right after they married. My grandfather was 19, she was 23.

Grand-maman, je t'aime et je pense a toi. Without you my childhood would have missed out on 'les hamboooorgers', Wide World, marathon sessions of canasta, chinese checkers, la messe de minuit, the best christmas' ever...the list goes on and on.

Grosses caresses. Melissa qui t'aime beaucoup. xoxo


  1. Allo Melissa,
    Bel hommage à GM Yvette, ça m'a rapellé de bons souvenirs. Elle est vraiment formidable!
    ta cousine
    anouk xx


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