Ok, so I have to say, my apartment smells awesome right now. I just finished making this smoked salmon chowder and am caramelizing onions for a wild mushroom, broccoli rabe and fennel sausage pizza. Oh ya. I'm in my happy place.

I broke the bank at the farmer's market today but it doesn't matter because the food I got was priceless. Leeks, chanterelle and baby shitake mushrooms, walnut/apricot bread, honey crisp apples (and uh, if you have not tried this variety RUN to your closest farmer's market. best. apple. ever), corn, broccoli rabe, potatoes.

I found a piece of smoked salmon in the freezer and thought, with the crisp fall weather on the horizon and corn and leeks at the market, this recipe would make for great lunches at work next week (forecast: rain). This dish could not be more local... although I may be eating one of the last sockeye. Minor point. I even scavenged some parsley and chives from my small balcony garden which is now well on it's way towards a fall funeral.

I had one small bowl because knew i had to save room for dinner which I must get to. Oh lord. It will be awesome. Will post more later...must get to the onions.

Am in a bit of a 'good food' coma so will keep it short. This is the best combination of pizza toppings I think i've ever made. And I have made a pizza or two in my day, as my friends can attest to. The sweet onions combined with the slightly bitter broccoli rabe, the umami of the shitaki deglazed with a little balsamic. Oh ya, i went there. And i'll go there again. Maybe next time I'll even share a little.