Critical Ass Ride

Let me just start by saying I love my bike and cycle wherever I can. When I don't, I take transit. And when I need a car, I book one from the coop. So needless to say, of all people, I am very sympathetic to the cause of cyclists in Vancouver. But sometimes activism misses the point...

A few weeks ago the ladies and I decided to go for an evening kayak at Deep Cove. As we returned home we were greeted with a stand still on the Lion's Gate Bridge. Apparently the Critical Mass Ride had taken over the bridge. There were no cars heading north and the one lane heading south (us) was immobilized. A few smug cyclists told us to settle in cause it would be a good 30min. Next thing we knew at least half the cars pulled U-turns and headed for the Iron Worker's Bridge. Which means, that all those cars traveled at least an extra 20-30km resulting in increased CO2 emissions and added congestion on the other bridge. I know the point is to inconvenience drivers but to the detriment of air quality? Is that the point Ass Riders? Just asking.