LA Revisited

I was in LA end of February for a week. Hollywood for a week and Venice Beach for 2 days. I have to say, I lived in LA for 2 years and, well, ya. Not so great. I really had a tough go at it. But visiting is another thing. If anything for the contrast...from restalyne-injected weirdness to amazing art to the purity of the surf. I was walking the Venice canals...stopped, looked around, straight, sideways, looking for something...wasn't sure what. Then i looked up. This bird was right above my head. No idea what kind of bird it was (Update: according to my birdy friend a Snowy Egret) but it was in total zen mode. We both stood/perched there for awhile. A nice quiet moment.
Designed by architect Frank Gehry to look like a lifeguard tower, the most famous house on Venice beach.

Garden at the Getty Center

Getty Center

Black men can jump!! Oh ya, right.