Keats Island Curse

Just got back from camping on Keats Island with a few friends. We have been trying to get there for 2 years and this past weekend, finally did. For once we were all healthy, the weather was forecasted as sunny sunny sunny and hot! We were ready. And happened. Vancouver got hit by a major lightening storm. Correction, a record-breaking lightening storm. As we played our game of scrabble and sipped some pinot-noir-in-a-box, the sky suddenly got a bit dark. Hmmm, was that a drop of rain? That's odd, it wasn't in the forecast. And then the sky turned bright pink/orange. I have never seen the sky this colour. It wasn't just the sky it was everything that turned pink...the air, the ground, the beautiful.

So we pulled out our cameras and snapped until the rain overwhelmed us and retreated to our tents, soaked and resigned to a geriatric bedtime of 9.30pm.
Sidenote: Still pissed that we had to quit Scrabble when I had just put 'SQUID' on the board.

Tree on beach

Saturday night the sky went from clear to overcast in about 5 minutes...

Then turned bright pink, orange. But it wasn't the same as a regular sunset. It was like the air changed colours, hard to describe.

I love this shot..."sitting duck campsite" as my friend put it.

Sitting duck kid! Sometimes a child must learn the hard way...