Antigua 08

A few pics I took on a trip to Antigua last November to visit my folks. Taken with an old Pentax 35 mm film camera.

Betty's Hope. Old sugar cane plantation.

Storage area at Nelson's Dockyard.

Shot of Papa Evanson near Devil's Bridge.
"Devil's Bridge was call so because a lot of slaves from the neighboring estates use to go there and throw themselves overboard. That was an area of mass suicide, so people use to say the Devil have to be there. The waters around Devil's Bridge is always rough and anyone fall over the bridge never come out alive".
- Sammy Smith, a 104 year old Antiguan patriot "To Shoot Hard Labour".

Seaton's Church. This area use to be greatly populated until a series of hurricanes in the 1950s.

Island of Barbuda. "Lack of water and soil meant the island was not suitable for growing sugar cane. The slaves brought here had relatively "easier" lives working as skilled craftsmen, fishermen, herders and farmers rather than plantation labourers."

Island of Barbuda. The most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. And I've seen some beaches.

Barbuda fence... one of my favorite pictures.